Tante Solo

Tante Daerah Solo
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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

The traditional style house would naturally tend to choose the color of earth and furniture tables and chairs made from wood, rattan, water hyacinth, pandanus fiber, or banana bark. House or a minimalist modern architecture requires the use of a more practical furniture and futuristic. Furniture sofa fabric or leather sofas, and sofa bed (seats as well as a bed), glass tables, and chairs, bright or neutral-colored metal has been chosen in this living room.

The walls of the living room can also be modified to reinforce the impression of the living room. The walls of the living room can be painted with a matching color gradations. Walls can also be textured like caprut cement, berplester various motifs, or exposed brick / stone.

Doors and windows can also affect a narrow or wide living room. Doors and windows are wide provides many advantages, such as spacious and airy impression of space, the smooth circulation of air and light, and create a comfortable relaxing in the living room. On doors and windows without sills will get a gap between door and wall for air circulation, cost effective, and avoid termites. Guest room door is the main gateway into the house so that the necessary special resolution as home accents.

Whether or not limiting the living room with family room or other space is highly dependent on the available space. However, now the living room are often made together with the family room to get an impression of vast and airy in the house. Even if still wanted privacy, the living room can be limited by constraints from partitioning, low cabinets, or wall cavities.

Lighting systems also need attention. This will support a healthy home environment. By day, the living room can still rely on opening windows for natural light rays entering. This air circulation will give a natural feel for the living room. And, you'll feel comfortable sitting there.

At night, with a choice of light and proper lighting arrangements can be presented light effects that can improve the quality of beauty and present an attractive living room atmosphere, warm, dramatic, and beautiful. Lighting made evenly illuminate the entire room or just focus on chairs, sofas, and tables. Lighting evenly lit room to function when receiving guests, while the local lighting switched on when empty living room. Bias lighting can provide aesthetic accents on the walls and the whole space. Light can come from sitting lamp, floor lamp, floodlight (downlights), or chandeliers.
The living room will be more natural feel and live with the presence of the plant pots and if possible a mini pond or aquarium beautiful. The laying and selection of plant species adapted to the theme and concept of the room. Plants that are used to form the crown of a flowering plant with uniform color and not colorful, beautiful leafy, leaves and twigs are not dense, and not many species. Beautiful flower pot on the table can be a beautiful accent the living room.

Meet, gather, and storytelling in a comfortable living room would be more memorable for special guests who visit your home. With mempersolek living room, not just beautiful homes, but also to beautify the heart and soul of the household.
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ABG Hotel Semarang

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ABG Hotel Semarang, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

Depparpostel Hotel is a type of accommodation that employs some or all of the buildings, to provide lodging, eating and drinking, and other services to the public, which are managed commercially. 

Hotel comes from the word hostel, supposedly taken from the Old French. Public buildings has been touted since the end of the 17th century. Meaning roughly, "a shelter for migrants" or it could be "building provider of lodging and food to the public". So, at first the hotel was created to serve the community. 

Hotel is a form of accommodation which is managed commercially, provided for every person to obtain service lodging, eating and drinking following. According to the Webster Hotel is a building or an institution which provides room to stay, eat and drink and other services to the public.
No wonder that in Britain and America, whose name was once a hotel employee, like civil servants, aka public servant. But, over the development period and increased user services, inpatient services-eating is starting to leave its social mission. Guests were free. While the building and the rooms started to set in such a way as to make guests feel at home. Nevertheless, for years the standard hotel services not changed much.
Until the year 1793, when the City Hotel was built in the embryo of the city of New York. City Hotel-style inn that was the pioneer development of new, more fashionable. Therefore, the basic construction is not only important strategic location. But it is also thought that the hotel is also the resting place qualified. So, there's no harm was founded in the suburbs.
After that, came the legendary hotels such as the Tremont House (Boston, 1829) who for decades regarded as one of the top places in the United States (U.S.). Tremont competing with the Astor House, built in New York, 1836. At that time, modern hotel synonymous with the development of traffic and a place to rest. When construction of the rail network is heavily-incessant, almost at every stop (station) there are hotels.
That is clear, to accommodate people who had just traveled by train. Since that time the train ride was exhausting, the hotels were "armed with" a variety of entertainment release fatigue. Hotels of this type, diembeli-arbitration with the word "transit", because it is intended for travelers.

Along with the development of technology and the growing breadth of coverage of land transport (especially after the discovery of motor vehicles), the area around the railroad was no longer attracting the interest of investors. People then prefer to use the roads rather than rail cars. Popularity transit hotel was unrivaled by the presence of "motel", a combination of the words "motor hotel" aka the rest of the motorists.
Motel glory did not last long. Along the more rapid development of the city, also ended the era of the motel. Mainly because it was a bit on the edge of town and amenities are less good with the hotel in downtown. Even if forced to spend the night in the suburb, the motel must compete with resort hotels, which usually grow in places of resort.
Besides hotels, resorts, hotels biological children born in the era of the 1990s no less terrible. Call it a variety of extended-stay hotel, especially for guests who need a place to stay a minimum of five nights. While business people who must negotiate in the village or country, can find a hotel apartment. In America, two types of hotel is growing very rapidly.
In Indonesia, said the hotel always connoted as lodging building is quite expensive. Generally, in Indonesia known hotels, hotels that charge quite affordable, but only provides a place to stay and eat breakfast, and well-run guest house as a private business (such as hotels) or the mess that is managed by the companies as a place to stay for the Guests who have anything to do with the activities or affairs of the company.

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Tante Surabaya

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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

Besides looking building houses, the living room is a mirror face, style and character of the occupants of the house. Why is that? Because the first impression at first sight to be the basic concept of the arrangement of living room, the room must be arranged in a neat, clean, and tasteful. How to arrange the living room, for the occupants, and guests feel relieved to sit there?

LIMITATIONS land and changes in lifestyle, where residents are rarely at home and choose to entertain guests in a public place, making the function of the living room began to shift. The living room was incorporated into the family room, with a fixed function as a reception room of the family relatives or close friends. However, the existence of proper reception equipment is provided and arranged beautifully.

In arranging the living room, there are some things that should be noted that the room look beautiful and charming. Choosing colors, furniture, accessories supporters, modification and optimization of the walls, doors and windows, the necessity of limiting the space, and lighting system is a subject that will be considered.

Choice and mix of shades of color will bring the atmosphere of the living room which is different. Choice of bright shades (yellow, orange, red) make living room feel festive, warm and familiar. Views are personal qualities residents a happy, warm, and respected.

A quiet private residents can take advantage of soft shades (green, blue, purple) and create a conversation in the living room was calm, cool, intimate, or romantic. Shades of earth that was the trend (brown soil, red brick / terracotta, blue water, green leaf, gray sand / coral / stones) will bring guests were in the midst of nature.

Neutral colors (white, black), many are also selected as the primary color constituent of space, furniture, and other decorative elements. Advantages, neutral colors are easier to combined-match with the colors of the earth, light, or soft, as well as more durable and not easy to get bored quickly (not depending on the trend).

Selection of living room furniture should be noticed that the concept of home building architecture, spacious guest rooms are available, and single or multi-purpose function room. Select furniture that is necessary only for the room feel spacious and airy.

Furnishings such as curtains, rugs, pillowcases, tablecloths, paintings, picture frames, knick-knacks and other personal collections is a complement to the living room that can digonta change according to trends or tastes of the household. Placement of furniture should also be precise so as not to disrupt the flow of guest traffic or people passing through the space.
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SPG Kondom Fiesta


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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

Hotel is one faforit place SPG Kondom Fiesta to offer their products. Not rated hotels, of course, because a complete hotel facilities are usually already provides condoms, so xxx no need to offer their products there. But they could sell in thejasmine-class hotel.

Evening Shift
- Doing the job first officer
morning shift that remain unresolved
- Welcoming the guests who have reservation
- Open beds for rooms that already exist guest
III. Night Shift
- Doing the job first officer
morning shift that remain unresolved
- Working on specific tasks given by
supervisor / housekeeping when there
- Working closely with Front Office to avoid
the skipper
Mini Bar in Kartika Hotel contains:
- 2 cans Guinness
- Anker Beer 2 cans
- Seven Up 2 cans
- Grenn Sands 2 cans
- Coca Cola 2 cans
- Vit 2 bottles
- Apple Juice 2 cans
- Melon Juice 2 cans
- A & W 2 cans
- Orange Juice 2 cans
- Lipovitan 2 bottles
- Pit Up 2 bottles
- Kratindaeng 2 bottles
- M-150 2 bottles

The things that need to be considered in Housekeeping is:
- V (vacant)
Code or a term commonly encountered.
Rooms are empty ready for sale
or used
- 0 (Occupied)
The rooms are already filled by guest
- R (Repair)
The rooms are empty and are in disrepair but not for too long because it will be repaired
- OO (Out of Order)
The rooms are empty in disrepair and can not be sold and used
- DD (Do not Disturb)
Rooms that can not be / may be contested
- E (Employee)
The rooms are typically used by employees and the employees themselves
- HU (House Use)
The rooms are usually used by members of Aceh and the possibility can also be used by non-employees
- ON (Occupied No luggage)
The rooms are filled and the guests do not carry goods
- SO (Slept Out)
The rooms are occupied by guests, but guests do not sleep in but to sleep outside

- DL (Double Locket)
This room has a lock from inside
- Please Make Room Now
The rooms are requested to be cleaned first
- MA (Morning Arrival)
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Skandal SMU Purbalingga

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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.
Building luxury hotel does not separated from the tourists. In addition to tourists, luxury hotel is also popular for business people who often go out of town. But for SMU Purbalingga prefer a more modest hotel. people who want to stay at thehotel of course choose the hotel according to their financial capabilities.
As for handling linen restaurant is:
First: Linen from restaurant / bar was taken by an officer to note, then delivered to the washing place, where together with its handling in Housekeeping.

a. Standard arrangement of guest rooms at the Kartika Hotel is:
1. Standard Position
Leaving the equipment room in accordance with good location and it should be.
2. Standard Practice
Art for putting or placing equipment room, so it will be easier to use.
3. Comfortable
Placing the equipment room that provides comfort during use of the facility.
Activities usually carried out by Room Boy / Room Maid is:
- Time Keeper
Insert the card in time.
- Locker
Wearing Uniform / dress work
- Housekeeping Office
Check / mengabsensi
- Floor Staion

- Preparing equipment cleanliness
- Preparation
- A clean linen to be used
- Preparing the Room Boy / Maid card
- Guestrooms
Make Up implement procedures guest rooms.

The tasks of the Room Boy here are:
- Collect and count dirty linen
- Filling the linen order
- Keep clean linen
- Save the Guest Room Supplies
- Filling Foor Log Book
- Linen Room
- Accepting soiled linen
- Keep clean linen
- Housekeeping Office
- Attendance
- Submit reports
- Complete administration
- Locker
- The place to change the Uniform / clothing
Tasks Room Boy / Room Maid here are: 1. Morning Shift
* Setting up the room already booked for that day.
- Check to room supplies / guest supplies
- Fill a thermos and fill the existing water
Mini bar equipment
- Researching and make sure this room facilities
is completely clean
- Spray air freshener
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ABG SMU Surabaya

ABG SMU Surabaya
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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

People have different kinds of hobbies some of which include traveling to different parts of the world to have new experiences and also to enjoy the unique things each region has to offer. Whereas there are people who will travel on leisure basis, there are those who will travel with the intention of learning new things. Regardless of the reason for travel every person has the right to enjoy the experience in all ways.
People, however, don't necessarily travel for vacation purposes, since there are frequent flyers that do this on business. Frequent travelers know just how important it is to find a flight that is best and one that is bound to offer the kind of experience one is looking for. A good flight will ensure that you reach your destination feeling fresh and ready to take up the things that you have planned for the vacation, holiday or trip.

Flights to the different destinations come with a variety of services all of which are meant to make the passengers enjoy their journeys to the desired locations. However, to enjoy the services, one needs to be cautious with the selection of the available flights. The airlines flying to your destination might be offering on board services that are quite different from one another and to ensure that you get only the best you will need to compare between the offers hence making an informed decision on the long run.
The kind of services you get during your flight can depend on the distance of the flight as well as the money you are willing to spend on airfare. For those working on very tight budgets, it is expected that the flight within the budget range in place might lack some of the services such as those relating to entertainment and any refreshments offered while on board. Most low carrier airlines will trim on the services as a way of making the flights affordable to those who have this need.

ABG SMU Surabaya, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp Surabaya, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp.! When selecting a flight, you need to be clear on what your expectations during the flight are so that the selection process is made easy. On choosing to go for the cheaper options, always ensure that you are aware of what to expect during the flight and that you are comfortable with all the arrangements. Every traveler has the wish to have a flight to remember for the longest time but it should be noted that a few factors will determine how much you get to enjoy your flight.
Welcome to flylink.ca - Respect and believe in highest levels of commitments, offering you to learn cheap airfare to your top destinations and discount vacations at time of booking. Book a cheap flights to Amsterdam, cheap flights to orlando trip with the best rates online for airline tickets, last minute deals and travel insurance.
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Tante Tajir Bandung

Tante Girang Tajir Bandung
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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

Even in its most abbreviated form it takes 20 minutes to explain all the things that happen before the engines start on the flight that takes you on holiday. For anyone with a fear of flying knowing about the care that goes into getting ready for a flight makes a difference to how they feel when taking a flight. The well-known saying 'Knowledge is power', is often quoted but it's nowhere more relevant than in flying, especially if you're scared. Here's a summary what happens before you even board the flight.

The crew meet about an hour before the flight. While the pilots check the route and weather and decide how much fuel they'll need. The cabin crew find out about the passengers and the services they'll be offering on the flight. Most airlines take their crews to the aircraft together and plan to be at the plane about 35 minutes prior to departure. One pilot checks the outside of the plane while the other 'sets' all the instruments for the flight. Meanwhile the cabin crew are checking all the safety equipment on board and ensuring that the food and beverages have been loaded and are sufficient for the flight. As soon as the crew have completed their checks the senior crew member will let the departure lounge know that they are ready to board the passengers.

For so many people with a fear of flying this is the moment when all those weeks or months of anxiety and all the efforts to overcome their fears will be put to the test. But it's important to remember that everything we do in commercial aviation is about safety, cabin service and passenger welfare are second to safety. Without safety and airline has no reputation. So as you board your flight be confident that you are in safe hands.

While you take your seat the engineer is completing their checks, the refueller will have put the fuel on board, and the airline's operations department will submit the flight plan to Air Traffic Control. Once you are settled the crew will make sure that the number of passengers is the same as the number checked in and confirm this with the dispatcher who will give the captain the weight and loading information for the flight. Once the captain has signed and accepted the 'papers' the plane is almost ready for the flight. Finally the engineer brings the aircraft maintenance log to the cockpit for the captain to sign and then and only then is it time to close the doors and start the engines.

The thing that passengers with a fear of flying won't see of course is the constant checking and cross checking of everything that the crew and ground staff do. They won't see the tightly enforced procedures that an airline has to use. They won't see the years of sophisticated training that ensures that every crew member is operating to the highest standards. If you have a fear of flying be confident that nothing is left to chance on your flight, everything is checked and double checked every procedure is approved everything is performed to the highest standards.
You can not travel more safely than on a modern jet aircraft...not even cycling to your local grocery store, flying is the safest form of transport. Meanwhile stay informed and remember that flying is normal and for everyone in the world of commercial aviation it's the best job in the world.
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SMU Jogja Bugil

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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA 3gp
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.

From the times immemorial, Africa has been fascinating travelers or explorers from across the globe. The enormous continent is a rare amalgamation of different cultures, unique flora, rich wildlife, vivid landscapes (sunny beaches, snow-capped mountains, tropical rainforests, long rivers, vast deserts). To put in other words, the place has its own charm. If you too want to set on a tropical odyssey, Nairobi in Kenya can be a great travel destination for you. You can too enjoy this different yet exhilarating African holiday by booking your cheap flight tickets to Nairobi.

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya which is located in the eastern Africa. The city is situated on the Coast of Nairobi River. The word Nairobi has been derived from the expression, "Enkare Nyirobi" which means "cool waters" in Massai language. There are a number of places to visit for tourists in Nairobi. Some of the most popular tourist spots there are;
1. The Nairobi National Museum: The Nairobi National Museum is one of the major highlights of the place. It showcases Kenya's rich heritage with four distinct themes representing Kenya's culture, nature, history and contemporary arts. It contains extensive ornithological collection of thousands of years old species of birds. If you are travelling to these museums along with your kids; it can be truly a great learning experience for your young ones.

2. Massai Markets: One can also get a feel of life in Nairobi in popular Massai markets. You can visit these traditional and cheaper markets can bargain on the coast but you pay visit there along with an experienced guide.

3. Ngong Hills: You can feel the adrenaline rush in Nairobi too with a hike to nearby Ngong Hills. These are beautiful peaks located southwest to the city. It takes about one hour to reach here from Nairobi. You can hike on the walking trail along the tops of the Ngong Hills. The gorgeous view will blow your sense. Although the peaks are steep but totally worth hiking. One can see downtown Nairobi on one side and Great Rift Valley on the other.

4. The Nairobi National Park: If you are interested in animals, visiting The Nairobi National Park is absolutely must do activity. One can enjoy the sight of Giraffe, Rhino, Lions, water buffalos, zebra, Guinea fowl, water vultures etc. Travellers can take the services of professional guides and enjoy this unique African Safari.

ABG SMU Jogja Bugil, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp Jogja, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA 3gp.
In nut shell, if a tropical holiday to see some extraordinary places, people, cultures and tourist attractions is on your mind, best book in advance for cheap flight tickets to Nairobi.
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Tante Travelling di Bali

Tante Traveling di Bali
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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp.
ABG ML Graaatiis, Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Solo, Semarang, Lampung, Balikpapan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Batam, Serang, Palembang, Cirebon, Padang, Medan, Sorong, Aceh dsini tempatnya.
ABG Toge, Sexy, mulus
Traveling can be a hassle for many people, especially when traveling by air. It most often ends up being a day of waiting around. When traveling by air you are required to check in at the airport long before the flight leaves in order to make it through all the long line ups and security checks. The process is even longer when traveling internationally. Travel equipped with these few tips to help make your experience as painless as possible:
Find something to fill your time while waiting for your flight and while on the flight. Not all airplanes offer movies to help pass the time so bring a book or magazine to keep your mind occupied. If reading isn't your thing try sleeping. If you are able to sleep while traveling this will definitely help the time go by faster.

Bring a small carry-on bag with only the things you need. Be sure to check before hand what is allowed in your carry-on and what is not. This will ensure a smooth process through security. If you don't check with requirements in advance you will end up being delayed and may end up leaving a few things behind that you won't get back. Be aware of the size of carry-on you are allowed to bring with you. Know what's in your bags and keep it organized so that you don't slow down the security check process for yourself and other travelers.

Arrive early. Don't think you can get to the airport just in time and breeze through all the line ups. Simply getting stuck in a slow-moving security line up can result in you missing your flight. Remember, several flights depart within an hour and everyone has to make their way through the same line ups as you. Be sure to arrive at the airport with plenty of time to check in and get through security. You may be left waiting around to board but it's better to be early than miss your flight.

If the airport you are flying out of is not close to home consider getting there a day early and spending the night in a hotel. Many unexpected things can happen during your commute such as backed up traffic or car problems. Spending the night before in a hotel will eliminate any stress of arriving late or missing your flight.
Bring your own food and snacks. Most airlines don't offer meals during flight but do allow you to bring your own food.

Travel with a suitcase that stands out from others. Checking a black suitcase will make it hard to find amongst the others when claiming your bags. If your suitcase is a standard color add something to it to be able to better distinguish it from the other travelers.
If traveling with children be sure to pack snacks and items that will keep them entertained during the flight. It's easy for anyone to get bored on a flight, but more so for children. Bring books, coloring books, and quiet toys to keep them busy and help the time pass.
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Tante-tante Bekasi

Tante Bekasi
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ABG SMA, Skandal ABG SMA, Skandal SMA 3gp, SMA ML 3gp, Anak SMA Nakal, SMA, Skandal, SMA Oral 3gp
Data for the UK economy over the last few months has been pretty gloomy with growth forecasts lowered from around 1.5% to less than 1% with only 0.1% expected for the last two quarters. Some economic commentators are now saying there is even a possibility of the economy falling back into recession.
These forecasts are based on negative retail figures, rising unemployment, ongoing European debt crisis and falling management supply figures.
Despite all these gloomy figures UK airports apart from Stansted are all doing surprisingly well with Gatwick in particular showing good increases. Passenger numbers have been falling consistently since the recession was declared in September 2008 but 2011 is the first year when ground has been regained on a sustained basis.

Gatwick's figures for August were exceptional with a rise of 3.6% resulting in more than 132,000 passengers passing through the airport for the month compared with the same time last year with a 4% increase seen for the first 7 months of 2011.
Prior to 2009 British Airports Authority owned the London airports of Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted with only the much smaller Luton Airport offering any sort of competition.
The owners of Virgin and Ryanair Airlines in particular complained that BAA's virtual monopoly of owing the biggest 3 UK airports left customers and airlines alike in the south-east with no real options. The Competition Committee following several years of investigation eventually forced BAA to put Gatwick up for sale and this appears to have been the catalyst for the improved performance.

Since the buyout Global Infrastructures Partners the new owners have announced a £1 billion spending programme aimed at taking annual passenger numbers from £32 million to over 40 million. To do this they would have to attract more airlines from other airports, increase the number of destinations and the frequency of flights to existing routes.
Gatwick's baggage handling has come in for some fierce criticism from customers due mostly to frequent breakdowns with long queues forming at both check in and at the collection carousels. The current systems at both terminals are now quite dated and a large part of this investment will include new systems for both terminals with remote monitoring of problems rather than manually searching the belts to locate the problem.

Gatwick have highlighted that travellers want to spend as little time as possible queuing and see this as a key area to make the airport the number one choice when booking a holiday. Work is about to start but will take until 2015 to complete at an estimated cost of £200 million.
Another important areas that airlines look for is load factors which means in lay mans terms the average number of seats occupied and for the month of August, Gatwick achieved its highest ever load factor of 88.4% a rise of 1.4%.

If airlines are more likely to fill their planes by flying out of Gatwick, then quite clearly more airlines will be attracted to using this airport as its hub. AirAsiaX the low cost Malaysian airline have announced that they intend to move from Stansted this October and will offer 6 flights a week to Kuala Lumpur with onward connections to Indonesia and Thailand.

Vietnam Airlines and Air Nigeria have both chosen to base their new flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh and Lagos to operate from Gatwick. This follows Norwegian Air Shuttle who has moved its entire operation from Stansted to Gatwick, while airberlin has transferred key business travel destinations from Stansted to Gatwick. British Airways have moved the Mauritius flight from Heathrow and importantly the low cost flyer easyjet has opened up 18 new routes based at Gatwick.

On the downside, as Gatwick continues to grow more pressure will be placed upon the existing Gatwick airport parking that is available both on and off airport because despite the governments best efforts the fact remains that travellers simply prefer to use their car rather than public transport. Lugging baggage through a rail or bus terminus that often requires one or more connections cannot compete with the convenience of a car that does all the donkey work for you.
Land at the airport is at a premium and the chances of getting planning for an off airport car park close to Gatwick is very slim. One area that continues to grow is the building of hotels close to the airport with parking included but this will not be sufficient to fill the void for more parking places.
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