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When we were traveling from port to port, there was no shortage ABG sexy, Putih Mulus, Toge of activities on board. One of the highlights was the live Disney shows, like Toy Story: The Musical. Our kids got to see a Broadway quality show that they would never otherwise have access to and the best part was that it was only an hour long, which was perfect for their little attention spans.
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Of course, no Disney vacation experience could have been complete without meeting and greeting the Disney characters. While we were on the ship, there were many scheduled opportunities to meet the kids' favorite characters but they also showed up unexpectedly at many different moments. One of the best parts of the trip was seeing our daughter's face light up when she got to meet her idol, Cinderella, in person.
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We were a bit nervous about the Disney Cruise because we did not know if there would be activities for the entire family but there certainly were. The shows on board were entertaining for everyone and there were plenty of opportunities for adult time when we needed it. The next time we decide to take the family on vacation, we are looking forward to trying out another Disney Cruise destination.

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