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Do you have Spring Fever? I do because here in NYC it seems like it has been one long winter, but I have faith that Spring is coming! It is! And with that comes the shedding of our giant layers that may have been masking "what lies beneath"! Personally, I know I have reached my fitness goals when the thought of going on a beach vacation does NOT throw me into a tailspin, and I know that I am ready to board the plane on a moments notice and feel confident in my bikini:) Now that's just one way that I measure my fitness and wellness goals. How do you measure your goals?

As a lifestyle coach and a trainer, I am hired to motivate and challenge and to help my clients reach their goals faster and have more FUN while achieving them. However, sometimes I am faced with a client that says, "Tracy, I really want to change my life! I want a complete lifestyle change! I want to feel better, have more fun, and start to love my body and my life as a whole".

My question is: HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT?

Really, breathe that in. How much do you want this goal? If you really really really (insert Zoolander voice here) want to achieve a goal, the first place to start is here. Your trainer, coach, teacher, partner, or any other person can NOT want it more than YOU do. Yes, it is so important to find and create the support that you need, to raise you up and help you get there faster, smarter and cheer you on. But even with the best team of cheerleaders, if it doesn't begin with YOU, the chances of you NOT achieving your goal is much greater.
If you really have a BIG juicy goal for yourself, I have found the best way to MAXIMIZE your chances of achieving it are to ask yourself, and even better to journal about it. There absolutely is power in writing! Some questions to get you started:
  • WHY do I want to achieve this goal?
  • HOW will I know that I have reached it? What will that look like, feel like, what will the result be?
  • WHO can I help by achieving this goal? Often our biggest goals are not just for us, but for our families and loved ones too. For example, increasing your income can not only help YOU but also your family, your favorite charity, you can hire someone that really needs the work. Or getting more fit and healthy will then give you more energy to play with your kids, to have more fun and energy with your spouse;)
  • WHAT am I willing to do to reach this goal? What actions do I need to take?
  • HOW MUCH DO I WANT THIS? Some goals will be sooooo important to you that you will be willing to do whatever it takes, while some others may fall under the "well, that would be nice if..." category. The great news is, that's just fine! It is important to have MASSIVE goals as well as some smaller goals that would be cool if you reached, but ok if you didn't.
So, HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT? Please let me know! I love getting your feedback and questions.
Tracy Campoli lifestyle and wellness expert is passionate about helping people live their best lives! With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry as a Pilates instructor, she has helped literally thousands of people look and feel their best.
She successfully launched her business in 2008 when others said the "economy was tanking". From ceo's to supermodels, teens and mompreneurs, Tracy has had the pleasure of coaching people from so many walks of life. Her clients often describe her coaching style as their kick in the pants, with a push of love. Her clients enjoy many benefits: looking better, feeling happier, creating relationships they love and earning more while working less!

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