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Pharmaceutical industry giants have long been suspected as not playing a fair hand with the American public. As Congress struggles to retain a new health care system that is facing an uphill battle in the courts system, the future of health care and in particular pharmaceuticals is uncertain. But with more whistleblowers coming out of the woodwork than ever before, it is safe to say that no matter what happens with the final decision on health care, pharmaceuticals will be placed under intense scrutiny. The reason that whistleblowers and legal authority is needed to police this industry is that it compromises patient care and turns what should be a service industry into a business. If you are uncertain of the ways that doctors and pharmaceutical sales reps commit acts of fraud, then consider the following:

Many doctors are given kickbacks by drug companies for recommending their product over another. This preferential treatment is illegal, but with uncertainty regarding the future of the health care industry and how doctors are paid for their time and resources, it could become much more prevalent. Unfortunately, the people most likely to suffer from kickbacks are those needing medical assistance. When a drug wins approval that does not really do the job that it purports to, it can leave the patient powerless to defend himself against medical malpractice.

Improper Diagnoses
Another way that medical companies and health care professionals can commit pharmaceutical fraud is to go with improper diagnoses and withhold treatments that can actually improve the life of an individual. Whenever a medical professional sees symptoms of a patient, they are likely to prescribe the most expensive medication on account of the fact that it leads to a higher bill. If there is a cheaper and more effective option available, they tend to ignore it because it means less in their pockets.

Often times, unscrupulous medical professionals will make their decisions based on a client's ability to pay. If there is some thinking that the insurance company will cover a drug, then these individuals are drawn to the most expensive regardless of whether or not it actually works. But once again, it is unfortunate that the patient ultimately suffers, because most health insurance companies only cover part of a medication. While a patient may only find themselves paying 20 percent, that 20 percent can be too heavy on their finances if the treatment is extremely expensive.

There are many fine doctors and nurse practitioners in the medical community, who play by the rules and put their patients first. But there are also those, who are in it primarily for the money, and when you encounter them, it is good to know there are watchdogs and legal help to stand up for your rights.

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