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Depparpostel Hotel is a type of accommodation that employs some or all of the buildings, to provide lodging, eating and drinking, and other services to the public, which are managed commercially. 

Hotel comes from the word hostel, supposedly taken from the Old French. Public buildings has been touted since the end of the 17th century. Meaning roughly, "a shelter for migrants" or it could be "building provider of lodging and food to the public". So, at first the hotel was created to serve the community. 

Hotel is a form of accommodation which is managed commercially, provided for every person to obtain service lodging, eating and drinking following. According to the Webster Hotel is a building or an institution which provides room to stay, eat and drink and other services to the public.
No wonder that in Britain and America, whose name was once a hotel employee, like civil servants, aka public servant. But, over the development period and increased user services, inpatient services-eating is starting to leave its social mission. Guests were free. While the building and the rooms started to set in such a way as to make guests feel at home. Nevertheless, for years the standard hotel services not changed much.
Until the year 1793, when the City Hotel was built in the embryo of the city of New York. City Hotel-style inn that was the pioneer development of new, more fashionable. Therefore, the basic construction is not only important strategic location. But it is also thought that the hotel is also the resting place qualified. So, there's no harm was founded in the suburbs.
After that, came the legendary hotels such as the Tremont House (Boston, 1829) who for decades regarded as one of the top places in the United States (U.S.). Tremont competing with the Astor House, built in New York, 1836. At that time, modern hotel synonymous with the development of traffic and a place to rest. When construction of the rail network is heavily-incessant, almost at every stop (station) there are hotels.
That is clear, to accommodate people who had just traveled by train. Since that time the train ride was exhausting, the hotels were "armed with" a variety of entertainment release fatigue. Hotels of this type, diembeli-arbitration with the word "transit", because it is intended for travelers.

Along with the development of technology and the growing breadth of coverage of land transport (especially after the discovery of motor vehicles), the area around the railroad was no longer attracting the interest of investors. People then prefer to use the roads rather than rail cars. Popularity transit hotel was unrivaled by the presence of "motel", a combination of the words "motor hotel" aka the rest of the motorists.
Motel glory did not last long. Along the more rapid development of the city, also ended the era of the motel. Mainly because it was a bit on the edge of town and amenities are less good with the hotel in downtown. Even if forced to spend the night in the suburb, the motel must compete with resort hotels, which usually grow in places of resort.
Besides hotels, resorts, hotels biological children born in the era of the 1990s no less terrible. Call it a variety of extended-stay hotel, especially for guests who need a place to stay a minimum of five nights. While business people who must negotiate in the village or country, can find a hotel apartment. In America, two types of hotel is growing very rapidly.
In Indonesia, said the hotel always connoted as lodging building is quite expensive. Generally, in Indonesia known hotels, hotels that charge quite affordable, but only provides a place to stay and eat breakfast, and well-run guest house as a private business (such as hotels) or the mess that is managed by the companies as a place to stay for the Guests who have anything to do with the activities or affairs of the company.


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